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About Visual Meaning

We are a team of visually trained business analysts and consultants, who specialise in creating shared meaning to enable business change and whole-system transformation.

Meaning is the feeling we get when we both understand and care about what is going on. The central challenge of large-scale change is that this meaning is rarely shared, because each stakeholder group speaks a different language, makes different assumptions, cares about different things, desires different outcomes.

At Visual Meaning, we represent change in ways that everyone can understand, so that people from diverse backgrounds can have meaningful conversations and collaborate effectively.

We use a combination of visual and systems thinking techniques to represent change across all stages of the transformation lifecycle. Whatever you need to talk about, we can help you talk about it in a more meaningful way.

Every year we save millions from our clients’ programme budgets by accelerating change and eliminating the costs of misunderstanding.

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We work with large organisations across all sectors, partnering with colleagues, suppliers, consultants and stakeholders to create shared meaning.

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