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Why work for Visual Meaning?

Visual Meaning is a creative, dynamic place to work, dedicated to creating shared meaning – most often to enable business change and whole-system transformation. We are an eclectic and friendly team of visually trained business consultants, illustrators and software developers working together to represent systems in a way that everyone can understand. The system models we create are hosted on our own Shared Meaning Platform for our users to access and interact with; they allow people from diverse backgrounds to have meaningful conversations and collaborate effectively about systems whose complexity may otherwise lead to misunderstanding, stuckness, or conflict. See here our recent work mapping the economic system for a client’s forum:

Current vacancies

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Oxford (remote working at present)
Full time, £24k – £30k p.a., experience dependent

We’re looking for someone to work collaboratively in our production process to create high quality visual representations, to support colleagues in creating shared meaning for our clients. We have our own methodology for doing this that we will support you to learn, and some of the theory behind that is shared at

What we’re looking for:

  •          Artistic ability: draughtsmanship skills honed through
    observational drawing, an eye for composition and strong graphic design skills.

  • The ability to collaborative in explore content and a willingness to rapidly iterate work.
  •           The ability to synthesize complex content into a workable design. 

  • Ready to learn new ideas, concepts and techniques, including our VM methodology, and welcoming of feedback in order to develop.
  • Flexibility and willingness to support colleagues in meeting ad hoc business demands.

What you’ll be doing:

  •          Collaborating with VM consultants to understand and give structure to client content. 

  •           Creating iterative visual representations of client content using the Visual Meaning library of images (“assets”). This will be predominantly in Adobe Illustrator. Occasionally PowerPoint presentations or videos will be required.

  •           Shaping the composition of our visual representations in line with the VM methodology.

  •           Commissioning and quality checking new assets produced by our Asset Team and assisting the Lead Illustrator in the management of that process.

  •           Working with the team to continuously develop and improve our production process, client offerings and culture as we grow and evolve together.


Oxford (remote working at present)
Full time, salary dependent on experience

We’re looking for someone to work in our client consulting process, between the client, the art studio and software development to ensure our models delight the client and fulfil their needs. This isn’t a typical consulting job though – we want people who are open and curious, want to learn and grow and are happy to not have all the answers. We want people to enjoy meaningful discussions with the team and imbibe the Visual Meaning methodology and ethos, which is the core to everything we do. There are likely to be new skills that you will require during your career at the company, particularly in the areas of systems analysis and visual language, and we will give you training and support to develop these. Some of the theory behind what we do is shared at but there’s lots more to what we do than that.

What we’re looking for:

  • A passion for systems and visual thinking, a degree level qualification, and a touch of creative flair.
  • Raw intelligence, excellent analytical skills and an ability to hold and make sense of a high volume of complex or ambiguous concepts.
  • Curiosity, openness and outstanding collaborative skills: you will be self-aware, ready to challenge and be challenged, with a strong desire to develop.
  • Proven ability to self-organise and a proactive attitude, looking for problems to solve; also to structure work activities into a coherent project plan.
  • An aptitude for consulting, to see the bigger picture and steer clients towards defining specific outcomes.

What you’ll be doing:

Client project delivery: Delivery activities include data gathering, systems analysis and mapping, production of visual interactive conceptual system maps, facilitation of client data-gathering workshops, project management and client liaison.

Business and solution development: Converting existing and new client relationships into ongoing accounts generating recurring revenue. Refining and expanding Visual Meaning’s solution portfolio, working to raise Visual Meaning’s profile and improving the quality, impact and consistency of its marketing approach.

Company Development: Working with colleagues to develop and improve Visual Meaning’s business systems, processes and culture to enable future growth.